Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Dear Game Lovers, In this article today I will tell you about the latest news about Mini Militia doodle Army 2 game.
You will be familiar with this game which can be played with intense fighting based on WiFi with 6 to 12 multiplayer. Enjoy this game with sophisticated weapons like sniper rifle, shotgun and flamethrower for this multiplayer game. Can be played in different modes like offline training, co-op, and survival mode.

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Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 Download Android

This game Has clear dual stick shooting control.
Includes blasting and local multiplayer warfare. It can be played with the latest technology, zoom controlling system with future heavy duty weapons and grenades. Having Fighting Attacks and Dual Wild Capacity in the entertainment cartoon background is very thrilling. This way the team goes on a lot of fun with Dependable Fightings.
This mini militia game is based on Stickman shooter doodle Army, doodle Army 2, based on player feedback.
If you still want to play this game more adventurously, try buying the Pro Player Pack for this game. Because along with the dual wild capacity in this Pro Player Pack, like great and latest technology weapons.

Sniper rifle, rocket launcher, sangun, laser and many more online weapons are available.
*Latest news of Mini Militia doodle Army 2 *
Is to add some new elements for something new in the game.

1. The first of which is Report Hacker. That means players can report someone as a hacker. If you are looking for a gameplay like Doubtful Hacker, then click on the player details from the Match Pause menu to report someone as a hacker.
2. There are improvements related to the stability of the game and the performance of the players.
3. In some cases players can fix deathmatch and team deathmatch game modes with their opponents.

Brief info of mini militia doodle army 2

Initial Release — 2011
Genre — Shooter
Mode — Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Platforms — Android, iOS
Developer — Appsomniacs LLC

Participate in battle in the arena with the doodle army 2 . Try to win the battle.
Stand up to the end in this game and win. Play this Mini Militia doodle Army game on your favorite Android mobile.
Click the link below to download.

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* Special Characters of Mini Militia doodle Army 2 *
# Zoom control over different weapons
#Epic has open world maps.
# There are also custom avatars.
# There are Rocket Boots for Vertical Moments.
#dual fighting with hand guns.
#sudden attacks.
#you can get boost health and accuracy from Store.

* Technical info *
Content Rating +12
License Free
Category Action / Adventure
Language English (44 more)
Author Appsomniacs LLC
Downloads 9,345,576
Date 21.08.20
Package Name com.appsomniacs.da2

Friends you know, Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 is a 2D multiplayer action game.
You have to challenge around the world to play with 6 different players. This is an online battle to play on mobile.
Left side on screen With your own character location, Virtual Joystick is useful for playing enjoyable. If you can play with the help of WiFi, you can play with up to 12 players.
Essentially the weapon in your hand will shoot your target automatically, no matter how far away the target is.
That’s why you don’t have to worry about your goal.

In this game you will have ample space to explore. Truth be told, in this fighting you will have enough space to turn around as well as the opportunity to escape from enemies in many ways. Apart from that many types of weapons can also be used.
Dear friends, APK related to this game is just for you to download when you click on the link below.
(Download XAPp)

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