New Style Video Editing In Kinemaster, Get Template

You can make a magnificent video editing using any images in your mobile device. despite of various method, this type of editing gives extra attractive to your videos. when you look at any other auto making video status, here some extra features available, to know how to make using kinemaster and template follow this guide thoroughly. If you have any basic about kinemaster that will make more easier.

First download kinemaster app free version fro play store

Let me add each step that will guide you to make easily and perfectly with out lags and confusion, there is another way to learn this editing, go through my demo video and complete the video,

Download Materials:-

  • Now you have to save one template file, that file gives couple of items to use while editing making the video.
  • Once you installed kinemaster app o your own device, open the app and take new project with 9:16 screen ratio.
  • Next add photos from gallery, next set video duration. next fill the screen with zoom in option.
  • Next take another layer and upload png image. that get from files. apply through out the video.
  • Next effects, basic, select gasuian blur effect.
  • apply some blur.

  • Next take another layer and upload same image the video.
  • apply, Crop, mask. second rectangle box.
  • Next select black background in new layer.
  • Set image in that box.
  • In another layer upload one more image and use blending option to merge in the screen.
  • Next you have to use another layer and add more image and merge in the video.
  • Next use lyrics and set attractive fonts.

Like this you can create nest trending status video on kinemaster app freely. next export and save to the gallery and use in the status.

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