New Viral Status Video Editing In Kinemaster | Trending Status Video

Put your own creation video in status, try to create new manual editions to make surprise your contacts. you can start making new best viral lyrical editing on your mobile from your home. you can create favourable status, every day many topics goes viral, create such type editing and break through your records. you can creating amazing editing your free templates an files, here is another editing waiting for you make and be surprise.

Also, learn how to make new style kinemaster editingĀ 

Let me share a quick guide there everything briefly elaborated. so you can follow there to make similar status video. for that you have save some files, for that check here.

Now you can check steps and our video to create much better with out any confusion.

First to create this video we need editing option app, i have installed kinemaster app, download and install as a first step.

next take a new project with 9:16 screen ratio. Now upload image and set duration to create video. next do fit on screen do some adjustments. to turn black and white.

Next take layer and import one image and upload and apply through out the video. set green colour to that image, to create style. next do export and save. Now add default settings, remove colour and saturation, etc. now add saved video. little tricky video so you have do patiently.

Materials;- Click here

now you can see how effects look like. after that add particle effect, take new layer and add effect to video using blending option. once everything done, next, add one more layer, add overlay effect and use blending to the video. simply you can apply many effects to one video, next you have to add lyrical and best font type. next save and use any where. like this you can create many more editions. you can create one more editing.

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