Famous Pesonalities

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    Which game features the character Lara Croft?

    • A) Assassin’s Creed
    • B) Tomb Raider
    • C) Uncharted
    • D) The Last of Us
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    What is the main objective in the game “Minecraft”?

    • A) Rescue the princess
    • B) Survive and build structures
    • C) Race against time
    • D) Solve puzzles
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    In the game “Among Us,” what role can a player be assigned besides Crewmate?

    • A) Saboteur
    • B) Spy
    • C) Impostor
    • D) Guard
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    Which of the following is NOT a character in “Super Smash Bros.”?

    • A) Mario
    • B) Sonic
    • C) Pikachu
    • D) Master Chief
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    What is the main goal in the game “Fortnite”?

    • A) Capture the flag
    • B) Collect gems
    • C) Be the last player standing
    • D) Defeat a dragon
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    Which game is known for the phrase “The cake is a lie”?

    • A) Portal
    • B) Half-Life
    • C) Bioshock D) Fallout
    • D) Fallout
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    In “The Legend of Zelda” series, what is the name of Link’s main adversary?

    • A) Bowser
    • B) Ganon
    • C) Ridley
    • D) Sephiroth
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    What type of game is “Overwatch”?

    • A) Puzzle game
    • B) Real-time strategy
    • C) First-person shooter
    • D) Role-playing game
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    Which game series includes the title “Wild Hunt”?

    • A) The Elder Scrolls
    • B) Final Fantasy
    • C) The Witcher
    • D) Dark Souls
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    What is the name of the protagonist in the “Halo” series?

    • Yes
    • No
    • C) Commander Shepard D) Solid Snake
    • D) Solid Snake

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