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Tricky riddles quiz task, easy and simple questions.

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    What is the name of Free Fire’s developer?

    • A) Tencent Games
    • B) Epic Games
    • C) Garena
    • D) Supercell
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    In Free Fire, how many players are dropped onto the island in a standard battle royale match?

    • A) 50
    • B) 100
    • C) 75
    • D) 60
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    Which of the following is NOT a character in Free Fire?

    • A) Kelly
    • B) Alok
    • C) Maxim
    • D) Winston
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    What is the maximum level a character can reach in Free Fire?

    • A) 6
    • B) 10
    • C) 8
    • D) 12
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    hich vehicle is NOT available in Free Fire?

    • A) Monster Truck
    • B) Motorbike
    • C) Helicopter
    • D) Jeep
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    What is the name of the currency used to purchase items in Free Fire?

    • A) V-Bucks
    • B) Diamonds
    • C) Gold
    • D) Credits
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    Which pet has the ability called “Detective Panda”?

    • A) Panda
    • B) Kitty
    • C) Detective Panda D) Robo
    • D) Robo
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    What is the primary objective in Free Fire’s battle royale mode?

    • A) Collect the most loot
    • B) Be the last person or team standing
    • C) Complete the most missions
    • D) Survive for the longest time
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    Which of these items is used to restore health in Free Fire?

    • A) Energy Drink
    • B) Med Kit
    • C) Shield Potion
    • D) Bandages
  • Question of

    What does the “Gloo Wall” item do in Free Fire? A) Heals the player B) Provides temporary cover

    • Yes
    • No
    • C) Increases movement speed D) Deals damage to enemies
    • D) Deals damage to enemies

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