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    What is the maximum number of players in a single PUBG match?

    • A) 50
    • B) 100
    • C) 150
    • D) 200
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    What does the “Red Zone” signify in PUBG?

    • A) An area with high loot
    • B) An area with a high number of enemies
    • C) An area that will be bombarded
    • D) An area with a lot of vehicles
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    Which of these is not a map in PUBG?

    • A) Erangel
    • B) Miramar
    • C) Vikendi
    • D) Nuketown
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    What type of vehicle is the “UAZ” in PUBG?

    • A) Motorcycle
    • B) Car
    • C) Boat
    • D) Plane
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    Which item allows players to restore health up to 100% in PUBG?

    • A) Bandages
    • B) First Aid Kit
    • C) Med Kit
    • D) Energy Drink
    • D) Comet
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    What is the first weapon a player starts with in PUBG?

    • A) Pistol
    • B) Knife n
    • C) Fists
    • D) Shotgu
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    What is the main goal in a PUBG match?

    • A) Collect the most loot
    • B) Survive until the end
    • C) Destroy all vehicles
    • D) Complete objectives
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    Which of the following is a sniper rifle in PUBG?

    • A) AKM
    • B) M416
    • C) Kar98k
    • D) UMP45
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    What is the name of the in-game currency used in PUBG?

    • A) Battle Points (BP)
    • B) Gold Coins (GC)
    • C) War Bucks (WB)
    • D) Victory Points (VP)
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    Which of these is a throwable weapon in PUBG?

    • Yes
    • No
    • C) Crossbow D) SCAR-L
    • D) SCAR-L

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